Picnic to Bray! (03.11.13)

English 2014. 4. 12. 23:33

 There was an activity which went to Bray hills as kind of picnic in my Korean agency. They usually plan some activities which make people who come to Ireland recently gather and become friends. There was a Bray picnic this week and I could make a few friends at there. In this picture, there are 3 people who I met at the picnic. They are from other cities so it was really interesting to talk about their stories.

We went to Bray by Dart and it was a little similar to my country. In Korea, public transportation is really well-developed like subway and bus, and furthermore the fare is cheaper than here. It took nearly 30 minutes from Tara station to Bray and we went to Bray hill with agency staff. We could go up the hill because it’s not mountain. When I stood up on the hill, there was beautiful scenery in front of my sight. I would like to bring a better camera than I had because I couldn’t take a picture completely that I saw really.

 We stayed on the hill for a while and went down to have a lunch near sandy beach of Bray. Then, we drank some beers at porterhouse which is very famous in Ireland and has a few chain stores. There were a lot of beer menu and I heard there are many people who travel around Ireland for visiting porterhouse. After we finished beers, we went to bowling alley near Bray station. Although my team had to buy a pizza because of losing a dinner on a bet, It was really great time with new friends.