Modern Family S01 E09 - Fizbo

English/Modern Family 2014. 8. 11. 15:23

1) paramedics

n : A person whose training is similar to that of a nurse and who helps to do medical work.

2) sky is the limit

: unlimited. no limitation. reaching out as far as you can.

3) extension

n : A part which is connected to a piece of equipment in order to make it reach something further away.

4) shuffle

n, v : If you shuffle somewhere, you walk there without lifting your feet properly off the ground.

v : If you shuffle around, you move your feet about while standing or you move your bottom about while sitting, often because you feel uncomfortable or embarrased.

5) improvise

v : If you improvise, you make or do something using whatever you have or without having planned it in advance.

v : When performers improvise, they invest music or words as they play, sing, or speak.

6) machete

n : A large knife with a broad blade.

7) cricket

n : An outdoor game played between two terms. Players try to score points, called runs by hitting a ball with a wooden bat.

n : A small jumping insect that produces short, loud sounds by rubbing its wings together.

* step it up the notch <-> take it down the notch

8) notch

n : A level on a scale of measurement or achievement.

n : A small V-shaped or circular cut in the surface or edge of something.

9) bearded dragon

n : A large Australian lizard, Amphibolurus barbatus, with an erectile frill around the neck.

n : Another name for frill-necked lizard.

10) erectile

a : Capable of becoming rigid or erect as the result of being filled with blood.

a : Capable of being erected.

11) frill

n : A long narrow strip of cloth or paper with many folds in it, which is attached to something as a decoration.

n : If you describe something as having no frills, you mean that it has no extra features, but is acceptable or good if you want something simple.

12) be/go back to square one

: start something again from the beginning because your first idea, plan, action, etc, has failed or has been stopped.

13) release

v : If someone in authority releases something such as a document or information, they make it available.

14) snow cone

n : A variation of the shaved ice dessert commonly served throughout North America in paper cones or foam cups. The dessert consists of ice shavings that are topped with flavored sugar syrup.

15) tease

n,v : to tease someone means to laugh at them or make jokes about them in order to embarrass, annoy, or upset them.

n,v : If you say that someone is teasing, you mean that they are pretending to offer you something that you want, especially sex, but then not giving it to you.

16) comb

n : A flat piece of plastic or metal with narrow pointed teeth along one side, which you use to tidy your hair.

17) sheath

n : A covering for the blade of a knife.

n : = condom.

18) blast

n : A big explosion, especially one caused by a bomb.

19) hole in one

n : A shot from the tee that finished in the hole.

v : to score a hole in one.

20) schooling

n : Education that children receive at school.

21) fishing

n : The sport, hobby, or business of catching fish.

22) clown

n : A performer in a circus who wears funny clothes and bright make-up, and does silly things in order to make people laugh.

v : If you clown, you do silly things in order to make people laugh.

e.g> Bruno clowned and won affection everywhere.

23) asexual

a : Something that is asexual involves no sexual activity.

a : Asexual creatures and plants have no sexual organs.

a : Someone who is not sexually attracted to other people.

24) rope something off

: to separate one area from another with ropes, to stop people from entering it.

25) bead

n : Small pieces of coloured glass, wood, or plastic with a hole through the middle. Beads are often put together on a piece of string or wire to make jewellery.

n : A bead of liquid or moisture is a small drop of it.

26) glitter

v : If something glitters, light comes from or is reflected off different parts of it.

n : Glitter consists of tiny shining pieces of metal. It is glued to things for decorations.

n : You can use glitter to refer to superficial attractiveness or to the excitement connected with something.

27) musty

a : Something that is musty smells old and damp.

28) complete package

: to describe someone who is perfect with not only appearance but characteristics, intelligence, etc.

29) deploy

v : to deploy troops or military resources means to organize or position them so that they are ready to be used.

* Let me know if we get low on supplies.

* Did you remember to switch the whites to the dryer.

* She has good handwriting, she's complete package.

30) gloat

v : If someone is gloating, they are showing pleasure at their own success or at other people's failure in an arrogant and unpleasant way.

31) dud

a : Not working properly or not successful.

e.g> If you came over here to gloat, I already know it's a dud.

32) slip away

: to leave quietly without attracting attention. (=slip off)

e.g> I slipped away to my room to write some letters.

e.g> He managed to slip off alone for an hour.

: If a period of time slips away, it passes more quickly than you realize 

e.g> She could see here childhood slipping away.

: (from sb) to disappear ; to die or to stop existing.

e.g> He slipped away peacefully during the night.

33) pet

n : An animal you keep in your home to give you company and pleasure.

a : Someone's pet theory, project, or subject is one that they particularly support or like.

v : If you pet a person or animal, you touch them in an affectionate way.

34) suck

v : If you suck something, you hold it in your mouth, and pull at it with the muscles in your cheeks and tongue, for example in order to get liquid out of it.

v : If something sucks a liquid, gas, or object in a particular direction, it draws it there with a powerful force.

v : If you are sucked into a bad situation, you are unable to prevent yourself from becoming involved in it.

v : If someone says that something sucks, they are indicating that they think it's very bad.

35) suck in

v : to attract by using an inexorable force, inducement, etc.

v : to draw in (one's breath) sharply.

v : to deceive or defraud.

36) hit the road

: begin a journey.

37) gentrify

v : When a street or area is gentrified, it becomes a more expensive place to live because wealthy people move into the area and buy the houses where people with less money used to live.

38) join the club

: said as a reply to somebody who tells you their bad news when you are or have been in the same situation yourself ; an expression of sympathy.

39) come on strong(with somebody)

: make your feelings clear in an aggressive way.

e.g> Do you think I came on too strong at that meeting?

40) get-up

n : If you refer to a set of clothes as a get-up, you think that they are unusual or ridiculous.

41) mess with somebody

: to get involved with somebody who may react in a dangerous or violent way.

: to have or try to have a sexual relationship with somebody.

42) uninhibited

a : If you describe a person or their behaviour as uninhibited, you mean that they express their opinions and feelings openly, and behave as they want to, without worrying what other people think.

43) inhibit

v : If something inhibits an event or process, it prevents it or slows it down.

v : to inhibit someone from doing something means to prevent them from doing it.

44) inhibited

a : If you say that someone is inhibited, you mean they find it difficult to behave naturally and show their feelings, and that you think this is a bad thing.

45) slip something on

: to put clothes or shoes on quickly and easily.

46) bust

v : If you bust something, you break it or damage it so badly that it can't be used.

v : If someone is busted, the police arrest them.

v : If police bust a place, they go to it in order to arrest people who are doing something illegal.

a : A company or fund that is bust has no money left and has been forced to close down.

47) flipper

n : Flat pieces of rubber that you can wear on your feet to help you swim more quickly, especially underwater.

n : The flippers of an animal that lives in water, for example a seal or a penguin, are the two or four flat limbs which it uses for swimming.

48) one way or another

: in various different ways now considered together.

49) smother

v : If you smother a fire, you cover it with something to put it out.

v : to smother someone means to kill them by covering their face with something so that they can't breathe.

v : If you smother someone, you show your love for them too much and protect them too much.

v : If you smother an emotion or a reaction, you control it so that people do not notice it.

v : If an activity or process is smothered, it is prevented from continuing or developing.

50) proactive

a : Proactive actions are intended to cause changes, rather than just reacting to change.

51) sting

n,v : If a plant, animal, or insect stings you, a sharp part of it, usually covered with poison, is pushed into your skin so that you feel a sharp pain.

n,v : If a part of your body stings, or if a substance stings it, you feel a sharp pain there.

v : If someone's remarks sting you, they make you feel hurt and annoyed.

* She won't know what hit her

* Hot reptile chick, you know, probably has her own apartment and obviously okay touching gross stuff.

* Dylan's far too sophisticated to get sucked in by a single lady with tons of cool tatoos.

* I think it peed on me.

* I regularly drive through neighborhoods that have only recently been gentrified.

* Look, I came on strong with that whole funny guy bit

* Let's all tuck our pants into our socks, Avoid shady, moist places, Let's make a game of looking where we step

* If you had asked me before the party if I wanted there to be the chain reaction of disasters that led to luke breaking his arm, I probably would have said no.


Definitely not, would not want that

but one way or another Luke was the centre of attention on his birthday and the whole family was together. just the way it should be.