What a disgrace for the United Kingdom?

English/Opinion 2014. 11. 20. 09:35


 What a disgrace for the United Kingdom?

 U.K is one of the powerful countries in the world. However, they have also bad reputation for the one thing that most people would agree. It is the food. Whenever some surveys, such as “which country has the worst food in the world?”, are conducted, British holds a high rank often, unfortunately. Why do people think that British food is the worst in the world?

 One of the several reasons could be a bad climate condition. Due to the geographic location, the UK gets influenced by the unsettled weather which is why people can experience many types of weather in a single day. Besides, this weather condition makes a shortage of food ingredients because it can limit the possibility of cultivating various ingredients.

Second reason might be the way how it cooks and how it looks. According to the survey, many respondents said that British food is the worst in the world because they eat the food in a weird way and also because of ingredients that they use to cook. Haggis, for example, is originally made of sheep’s heart, liver, and lungs encased in animal’s stomach. The unusual looking foods and the food made of uncommon ingredients can make people having resistance in mind.

 Last one could be British people’s dietary habit which could harm their own health. People around the world are getting more care about their health nowadays, which is why well-being food is gaining a spotlight. On the other hand, British food that is popular for people such as Fish and Chips and British breakfast is fried one including trans fats which could cause the disease like heart trouble or stroke.

British food has been developed as economy has and food is very important in terms of the UK’s national image. For instance, food is going to be one of the essential parts to consider when foreigners plan to travel to. It is still true that British food has insufficient impact to get people from the world.