The Chorus (Les choristes)

Movie 2014. 4. 12. 23:51

The Chorus (Les choristes)


 This film is about what happened in a boarding school in France. Clement Mathieu, a main character, who failed to be a composer went to boarding school, Fond de l Etang, as a new supervisor. After he found out that there were unfair and severe punishments to the students, he tried teaching music to them and forming a choir. However, there was Rachin who was head-master of the school and was very conservative and selfish man so he didn’t want Mathieu to change his students. There was Pepinot who was orphanage child and was waiting for his father every Saturday in front of main gate of the school. There was also Pierre Morhange who had beautiful voice but he resisted singing a song. Mathieu tried to make him find out his talent and convinced his mother to make him enter music school. He fell in love with her but he realized that Morhange’s mother had another partner. After he was fired from the school, he left the school with Pepinot.

 It was heart-warming movie for me because it is kind of music film and there are a lot of choir song in the movie. The harmony of children’s voices was really gorgeous. At the last scene, Mathieu took Pepinot when he left the school, which means a little boy’s dream came true because he was waiting for his father every week although Mathieu was not his real father. I’m also really into French film. I was actually not interested in the European films but I started finding other movies after watching this film.

In The Name Of The Father

Movie 2014. 4. 12. 23:35

 When I watched “In The Name Of the Father”, I came up with this Korean movie and I realized there is a similarity between Ireland and Korea so I’ve decided to watch “Namyoungdong 1985” again.

 In 1980s, there was military dictatorship in South Korea and there were many people who resisted severely against dictatorship. They just got people who were not only college students and pro-democracy activists but also innocent people because they arrested people without any legal basis. The arrested person was sent to torture chamber and he could get free only if he confessed that he was pinko. 

 This story is about one of the person who was arrested wrongly in that age. His name is “Guentae Kim” and director of this film, Jiyoung Jung, made this film because he respected Guentae Kim. It was very impressive that he blamed himself because he felt he couldn’t forgive torturer, Guenan Lee, when he visited him in prison in 2005.

 The more interesting thing is that there is main theme song of the film which was based on “Johnny I hardly knew ya”. This song is Irish folk song which was sung when wife couldn’t recognize his injured husband who came back from the war.